This is a simple survey which asks you to categorise 100 English words in a set of moral categories:

  1. Care - caring for others
  2. Harm - hurting others
  3. Fairness - Acting fairly and honestly
  4. Unfairness - Acting unfairly and dishonestly
  5. Loyalty - Showing loyalty to your community
  6. Betrayal - Betraying your community
  7. Respect - Respecting authority
  8. Subersion - Disobeying authority
  9. Purity - Keeping a pure body and mind
  10. Impurity - Degradation of body and mind
  11. Liberty - Respecting individual freedom
  12. Oppression - Exerting control over other people
  13. Moral - Morally "good" with no specific category above
  14. Immoral - Morally "bad" with no specific category above
  15. None of the above - No moral significance

This work is based on the Moral Foundations Theory of Haidt and Graham.

This experiment is being run by:

Dr Malcolm Ryan - Dept of Computing, Macquarie University.

Dr Stephanie Howarth - Dept of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University

Please contact us if you have any questions about the research.